Velez Martial Arts Federation

How to join

VMAF is free to join

To become a member you must send in by email or mail your most recent rank certificate. To become a VMAF Rep, you must send in by mail or email your most recent rank certificate and check in every few months or you will be down graded to a regular member.

Reps that run a martial arts school and want a charter license will have to send in most recent rank certificate and a website address or video of martial arts training or instruction. Video or any info given in for a charter license will be reviewed by VMAF Board.

We have a VMAF forum and a VMAF facebook group page to keep member status you do not need to post everyday but should check in from time to time. VMAF does not charge any fees or tell members how to teach or how to run there school. The VMAF rank certs that are given to members are for members to fill in earned ranks. VMAF members can not use the rank certs to self promote. Any promotions used with VMAF certs must be earned and approved by a VMAF instructor. Instructors can use the VMAF rank certs as there school cert or issue them with there own certificate.

Reps are nominted by the Board or the VMAF President. VMAF rank certs are to be honored by all VMAF members. VMAF is not a certificate mill. Use integrity when filling in VMAF certificates. To join email President Master Israel Velez: izzyjujitsumaster@yahoo.com or mail to: VMAF PO BOX 710 Elizabeth NJ 07207 USA. Thank you.

Master Israel Velez III
VMAF President & Founder.