Velez Martial Arts Federation



American Modern Jujitsu website

The American Modern Jujitsu website is the website where you can purchase Master Velez Inc. home study courses. Every course comes with curriculum and dvd . On this site you will find great deals. Learn everything from mixed martial arts, jujitsu, kickboxing, karate, wrestling, and many more !



The Diversified League Of Martial Artists is a free federation. You can get rank certs for you and your students for free. There is also a message board for members to chat . The DLMA hosts free tournaments every year. DLMA has members from all over the world . Check it out !


International Breaking Federation

The IBF is a federation for all Martial Artists that practice and compete in the sport of martial art breaking . It was started by Master Velez for Martial Artists to show and record their skills in the art of Martial Art breaking . You can register any break here. All tournaments and records are free to all members. In addition, there is a breaking registry.