Velez Martial Arts Federation

President and Founder
Master Israel Velez III

Master Israel Velez III is the President and founder of American Modern Jujitsu & The Diversified League of Martial Artists. Israel Velez offers Jujitsu and Karate in New Jersey, however, if you do not live in New Jersey he can provide a distance study program through his award-winning AMJ home study courses. Check out the American Modern Jujitsu and DLMA websites below!

Isarel Velez has earned black belts in several martial arts styles, and has taken the most practical techniques, concepts, and excersises from all the arts he has studied and put them in the American Modern Jujitsu system. He also teaches freestyle Karate for the martial artists that do not want to grapple . Please enjoy this website and learn more about Master Velez and the federations he administrates.

Master Israel Velez III Bio

  • Started martial arts at the age of 5 under his father Israel Velez : Karate Instructor / Wrestling Coach / Power Lifter
  • Trained at the House of Empty Hands
  • Trained at the Yoshin Ryu Combat Academy
  • Owner of the Velez School of Martial Arts
  • Has trained with some of the best martial artists around the country
  • Founded in 2003 Velez Jujitsu also known as American Modern Jujitsu
  • Founder of the International Breaking Federation
  • Black Belt Instructor in Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu
  • Has earned black belts in several martial arts styles
  • Has been inducted into several martial arts hall of fames
  • Certified to do security in the state of New Jersey
  • Trains in martial arts breaking